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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hot Children Items for the Holiday

Whether you are still looking for holiday gifts, baby shower items or donating an item to a charity. Amazon is having a AMAZING sale on baby and children's items.

Hot Children Item Sale


This item from Melissa and Doug (I love this company) has been a HIT for little girls this season. With a 5 star rating, you can pick this up for your child or a donation.

Has your little one seen something cool on your Ipad, Android phone or even your computer and PURCHASED something.  I know my kids have and I did not find out until I received the bill :(. Now they can have their OWN device similar to yours. Not only will they love to play with it but you can enjoy your device without any "accidental" charging incidences again.

Do you have a toddler under 3 and you don't know exactly what to get. I have the PERFECT item for you. The V-Tech Move & Crawl Electronic Activity Ball is Ah-May-Zing!!!  This thing moves like crazy. It is motorized, plays music AND has bright lights which will stimulate your young tot.  For only 9.99, I would say this is a GREAT deal. Want to keep them entertained for a few while you cook or clean the house?  GET IT.

VTech - Move & Crawl Electronic Activity Ball

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