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Friday, December 7, 2012

Protect you and your child from sickness this season

Classroom teachers do their best to prevent bacteria and germs from causing the whole class to get sick. But, with 10-20 children in a room for hours a day, different home environments and immune systems. It is bound to happen. If you are a working or a stay at home mom/dad, it is not fun caring for a sick child or having to miss work. Even as a parent, you may catch something and pass it on to your children.  Here are some quick tips on how to prevent or lower the chances of your child getting sick in or outside of the classroom:

  1. WASH your hands!!!  This is the biggest thing that I have noticed, many children do not do, even adults. Washing your hands is the BEST way to preventing sickness. Your hands touch filthy object all day long; from remote controls, pencils/pens, door knobs, etc.  Many of these objects do not get cleaned or not cleaned enough and harbor millions of bacteria.
  2. COVER your mouth!!!  Covering your cough is important because it cuts down on the spread of germs. Illnesses such as the common cold and flu are spread when you sneeze and cough or when you touch your face and then touch other objects. Covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze with your elbow or a tissue will greatly reduce the number of germs that are able to get into the environment.
  3. STAY HOME!! If you or your child has flu like symptoms and running a fever of 100 degrees or more. Please stay at home until 24 hours have past and your temperature has dropped to normal.  
  4. Disinfect items in your home-  Yes, how you keep your house. Also, has effects on you/r childs' health. You don't have to go crazy and freak out anytime something gets dirty but cleaning can prevent germs, which limits your risk of getting sick.
  5. Sharing Cups-  I am guilty of doing this but the human mouth is dirty and cutting down  on this can stop the spread of germs.  
  6. Throw those tissues in the trash. As soon as your child wipes his/her snotty nose. Dispose of the tissue.  Some parents put the tissue back in their coat pocket, purse, on the table, etc.  The tissue is contaminated after it has been used and placing it on a surface is now contaminating it.  
  7. Vitamins.  Vitamins not only help your child with growing help but they also help with preventing your child from getting sick.  Vitamin C is my personal favorite. Not only can your child take a Vitamin that contains Vitamin C but there are many food that contain it as well. Potatoes, Oranges, Green Peppers and even Tomatoes.  Vitamin C increases the body's production of white blood cells, which fight infection. 

These are just some of my personal tips on preventing sickness or at least limiting your chances of getting sick.  If you have any tips of you own, let me know!!!