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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Toys for Tots Program

This program is simply AMAZING and we are very grateful for being accepted into the program this year.  If you living in the United States, you have more than likely seen the "Toys for Tots" bins outside of your local Walmart's, in your children's school, Toys R Us and more places. Toys for Tots began in 1947,when Major Bill Hendricks (USCR) and a group of Marine Reservists in L.A collected and distributed over 5,000 toys to needy children. His wife, Diane gave him the idea to do so.  Diane crafted handmade dolls and asked Bill to take the dolls to an organization; so that a child could have something for Christmas, sadly, no such organization existed and that he should start his own. The first project was so successful, that the Marine Corps adopted Toys for Tots in 1948 and it expanded into a national campaign. From then on, year after year and currently. The Toys and Tots program was conducted in every community where a Marine Corps Center was located.

I have many friends who are in the Marines, that collect for this program every year. I, myself have donated toys every year because I want every child to be able to not only have a toy but to know that their community is thinking about them.  You can go to their website and request information, read more about other items that can be donated, volunteer information and see videos about the program.  Toys for Tots . You can also make a monetary donation on their website:  Toys for Tots- Donation Link

I am not a representative for the Toys for Tots Program, nor was I paid or contacted to write this post.